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Windermere & Bowness - Silver Gilt in the RHS 2013 Britain in Bloom campagin and a nomination in the Tourism Award.


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Britain In Bloom Competition 2013


Britain In Bloom Committee

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2013 saw Windermere & Bowness advance their already much acclaimed achievement in the 2012 Britain in Bloom campaign to a Silver Gilt in the Town category and a Discretionary Award Nomination in the RHS Britain in Bloom Tourism Award.

The 3 sections judged and their individual medal are as follows:


Horticultural Achievement Silver Gilt
Environmental Responsibility Silver
Community Participation Silver Gilt
OVERALL Silver Gilt


Bob Flowerdew presents Adrian Faulkner with the Silver Gilt Award - 2013

Bob Flowerdew presents Adrian Faulkner with the

Silver Gilt Award.


Of the Discretionary Award, judged by Jon Wheatley and Brendan Mowforth, the citation read: "Set in the wonderful landscape of the lakes the town is dependent upon visitors (1 million plus) but has only a small residential population to support the influx. The bloom initiative forms a partnership between trade, council, hotels and other interested partners. In this way collectively the town presents a well planted and maintained vision to visitors. It also takes considerable care of the environment and operates in an inclusive manner. The seat maintenance programme is operated by Age UK, the Police and young people, ensuring that not only are seats maintained but young people start to understand the importance of tourism to the economy."

The nomination however was won by Bournemouth with their Gold Award. Albeit not winners, a big feather in the communities cap and a boost to the local tourism industry.


The year, 2012 saw the Windermere In Bloom Advisory Group and the Windermere Town Council accept the nomination from Cumbria In Bloom to be entered into the 2013 RHS Britain In Bloom competition for the second year running.

The Mayor of Windermere, Cllr. Alan Winrow commented:

"Windermere Town Council has been very proud of the Community record in helping to win our Cumbria in Bloom Awards.  We know how important it is to residents and businesses that the area looks good.  We are highly delighted that we have been put forward for a second year and looking forward to the challenge.  With a fair wind and good weather we are looking to improve on last year's result.


We hope all the community will play their part in helping celebrate this big event and enjoy the coming year."



Cllr. Lisa Greasley, Chair of Windermere In Bloom said:

"2013 presents us with a very exciting time with our entry into Britain In Bloom.  This nomination is a great honour to all concerned, especially following on from last years' excellent result in the UK Finals.  This is an opportunity for our community to work together towards a common goal in making the area welcoming and attractive to residents and visitors alike."

After last years' truly tremendous support from the community of Windermere and Bowness and some resounding successes, such as the 'WinderClean' and 'Community Litterpick', ongoing improvements to the floral displays on the Promenade in Bowness and new-look hanging baskets, the mood is one of optimism and immense pride in what the Windermere In Bloom committee and the communities of Windermere and Bowness have achieved thus far.

Such a fantastic set of results, not just in the 'In Bloom' campaign but in the improvements to the look and feel of the town, is a testament to the communities of Windermere and Bowness, particularly the hard work and dedication of the Windermere in Bloom team, the many helpers who join them to help maintain and improve our town, the many local organisations, clubs and societies with whom we have links and common goals and everyone who has supported us, in whatever way.

The Windermere In Bloom committee owe special thanks to the army of volunteers who turned out to help the Windermere in Bloom team in the last few weeks before judging last year.

Thank you all, very well done and keep up the good work!

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The "Britain In Bloom" Committee - 2012/13


  Cllr. Lisa Greasley (Chair)

Windermere Town Council

  Cllr. Alan Winrow - Mayor, Windermere Town Council (ex officio)

Cllr. Sandra Lilley

Windermere Town Council

  Cllr. Alan Marsh

Windermere Town Council

  Diane Fisher

Civic Society

  Kevin Holmes

Member of the Public

  Cllr. John Saunders Windermere Town Council   Cllr. Jenifer Jewell

Windermere Town Council

  Adrian G Faulkner

Windermere & Bowness Chamber of Trade & Cumbria In Bloom

  Andrew Tallon

Continental Landscapes Ltd




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