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Community Involvement

Welcome to the Windermere & Bowness Chamber of Trade Community Involvement page. Here you will find those Community Events which the Chamber of Trade is/has been involved with.

 Christmas Window | Diamond Jubilee Window | Get Scrubbing

  Re-opening of Windermere| Town Twinning | Windermere In Bloom

 Winter Lights | WOW!



Inappropriate Signaging - This article appeared in the Westmorland Gazette on the 12th January 2017.

German Themed Market Survey Report - This article appeared in the Westmorland Gazette on the 19th January 2017.

Community Sensory/Medieval Herb Garden

October 2015: Work is progressing, with the help of the Community Payback scheme, on the "Community Sensory/Medieval Herb Garden" at Pinfold Car Park.  the team, under the supervision of Peter Charnley have cleared most of the roots, stones and debris ahead of levelling the site and the laying of a hardcore base for the slate foundations.  There is one large stump still to be removed.  A doubled skinned wall is to be built facing the car park which will have various varieties of lavender plant in it together with 3 to 4 raised beds containing varieties of medieval herbs.  Once completed the garden will be open to the public for their enjoyment.  The project is be funded by grants from the Windermere Town Council and the South Lakes Neighbourhood Forum together with the donation from Marshalls of slate from their award winning stand at Holker Garden Festival.

Waterbird Project

The Lakes Flying Company Ltd, a registered charity, has been set up to celebrate and to inform the public concerning the importance of the pioneering contribution made to the development of aviation by Captain Edward William Wakefield of Kendal, Westmorland (Cumbria) and of Waterbird.

Waterbird was the first aeroplane to successfully take off from and alight on water in the British Empire (more precisely, the first outside France and the USA), on the 25th November 1911 at Windermere.

As there was only one winner of the "Best Dressed Christmas Window," the Chamber of Trade has made a donation to this project.

Letter of Thanks

Appeal Letter

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Christmas Window Display Competition.

Each year, during the week leading up to Christmas, The Chamber of Trade tries to encourage shop keepers to brighten up their windows by holding a "Christmas Window Display" competition for businesses in Bowness and Windermere.  This competition is open to all and is judged by a 'mystery' person.

As of 2015, the winner in each community will receive a cash prize, a cup (donated by the Windermere Town council) and a commemorative certificate.

2019 Winner

Windermere Winner

ADL Architects

Bowness Winner

Brackens of Bowness


2016 Winner

Windermere Winner

Crescent Cards

Bowness Winner

Windermere Tiles & Bathrooms


2015 Winner

Bowness Winner




2014 Winner

Bowness Winner

The Bath House




2012 Winners

Bowness Winner

Huttons of the Lake District

Windermere Winner


Kay Forsqardh (Huttons) and Barry Butler (Vice Chair)

Marion Kenyon (Triarom) and Barry Butler (Vice Chair)


2011 Winner

Beaulea's Cake Studio


Lea and Paul Frain


Lea and Paul Frain



Beaulea's Cake Studio



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Previous year's winners:










Beaulea's Cake Studio

Lea and Paul Frain



Lea and Paul Frain



Beaulea's Cake Studio










Poppi Red



Becky Stevenson and Simon Everett.


Poppi Red - Bath to Bed


Poppi Red.









Eric's Hair Salon

Hutton's Chocolates



Erica Hargreaves-Wood and Simon Everett.



Kay & Hannah Forsgardh

 with Simon Everett.









Scarlet Ribbons


Click here!


Marion Kenyon, Kimberley Burrows and Barry Butler



Click here!


Glynnis McGuire

 and Barry Butler


Age Concern - Windermere


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Diamond Jubilee Window Competition - 2012

The Chamber of Trade held a Window Dressing Competition to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.  It was open to all businesses and was judged by the businesses who sent their favoured choice, one in Windermere and one in Bowness, by email to the Secretary. 


The winners were presented with a certificate and a cash prize by the Chairman, Simon Everett and the Vice-chair, Paul Frain.


The Chamber of Trade would like to thank all those businesses who took part.


Windermere Winner

Bowness Winner

Erica's Hair Salon


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"Get Scrubbing!"

It seems that the Chamber of Trade have inadvertently been drawn into a collaboration with the Lakes Hospitality Association (LHA), which is no bad thing!!

The Secretary had his picture taken along with Liz Blaney, a member from the LHA regarding their campaign called “Get Scrubbing”, which some of you may have seen in the Gazette on Friday 7th August 2008 (page 17). The campaign is aimed at shaming Cumbria County Council into cleaning the filthy road signs. This picture and a follow up article will appear in the Gazette in the near future.

The Secretary has been asked, by the LHA, to circulate the membership requesting that they send any pictures in of dirty signage to, this way both organisations can put pressure on those concerned. It will also greatly help to improve the local image as far as the tourist/motorist is concerned.

Please do not leave it to others, thinking that this sign will have been photographed. They would rather have 3 or 4 of the same sign rather than none at all!

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Windermere In Bloom

Chamber of Trade TrophyThe Windermere & Bowness Chamber of Trade has over a number of years sponsored the "Hanging Baskets, Window Boxes and Tubs" section of the Windermere In Bloom competition. 

This competition is run by the Windermere Town Council and the winner of the above section receives the "Windermere & Bowness Chamber of Trade Cup" which they keep for one year together with a certificate.


The 2015 Winner was

The Spinnery Restaurant


The 2014 Winner was

The Royal Oak


The 2013 Winner was

The Grey Walls


The 2012 Winner was


Beresford Road


The 2011 Winner was


Beresford Road


The 2010 Winner was


Beresford Road


The 2009 winner was

 Craig Manor,

Lake Road,



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On the 7th June 2008, two major events took place in Windermere and Bowness in which the Chamber of Trade were involved as part of it's Community Involvement programme.

WOW Annual Yacht Race

The Windermere & Bowness Chamber of Trade has, since 2006,WOW Rose Bowl sponsored the Windermere On Water Annual Under 18's Yacht Race.  This race is run under the asperses of The Royal Windermere Yacht Club and the course is set by them.

The winner of the prestigious sailing regatta receives the "Windermere & Bowness Chamber of Trade Rose Bowl" which they keep for one year.

2008's winner is:-

Simon Balshaw - Congratulations!


Previous winners have been:


2007 Edward Grey
2006 Gavin Tullet


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Re-opening of Windermere

The Chamber of Trade sponsored a Street Entertainer together with having its logo on the "Blue" Competition forms at the re-opening of Crescent Road, Windermere after the 6 month Enhancement Scheme drew to a close.

Scout's Time CapsuleThe local Scout Troup marked the "100 Years of Scouting" by burying a 'time capsule' at the corner of Crescent Road and Main Road, Windermere.  A commutative plaque was also unveiled in the middle of the pavement.

A goodly number of residents and business people turned up to celebrate this occasion.

© 2008 Photo by Steve Holcroft Photography



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Town Twinning 10th Anniversary

A Social Evening took place at the Lake District Boat Club, The Glebe, Bowness-on-Windermere.  This became the highlight of the weeks celebrations as old and new acquaintances were rekindled and forged between members and friends of both Twinning Associations.

The evening's entertainment was provided  by "Live Steam" together with a buffet.

The Chamber of Trade underwrote the final evening's celebrations with  cheque for £300 being handed over.

'Thank You' letter from the Town Twinning Association.

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Winter Lights Programme

Ever since the 2001 Foot & Mouth outbreak, Windermere & Bowness have had the main roads and a number of shop gables festooned with lights.  These are usually switched on about a month before Christmas each year.

These lights are "looked after" by a small group of people who finance them through the use of collection boxes in the shops, donations and grants from various organisations.  In 2007, the Chamber of Trade where approached for a donation to upgrade the lights.  The Chamber donated £1,000 to this worthy cause.

2013 - Windermere & Bowness Winter Lights rely heavily each year on the generous donations of local residents & business owners to light up our villages each winter. Although they do receive some grant assistance, the majority of funds are raised through the collection boxes displayed locally, the Santa Cruise (tickets now available), Parade & Firework Display and of course The Grand Raffle. They wish to appeal for your help this year, whether you donate, buy tickets or attend on the day, every little helps!  A letter of 'thanks' has been received by the Chamber of Trade for the donation of £700.

In 2012, again the Chamber of Trade gave financial support to the tune of £700 to the Windermere & Bowness Winter Lights Group.  A letter of 'thanks' has been received by the Chamber of Trade.

In 2011, again the Chamber of Trade gave financial support to the tune of £800 to the Windermere & Bowness Winter Lights Group. 

In 2010, again the Chamber of Trade made a financial contribution of £700 to the Winter Light Program.  A letter of 'thanks' has been received by the Chamber.

In 2009, again the Chamber of Trade made a financial contribution of £600 to the Winter Light Program.  A letter of 'thanks' has been received by the Chamber.

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