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            Windermere & Bowness Town Council


The Council



The Windermere & Bowness Town Council meet every second and fourth Wednesday of the month either in in the Council Chamber, Langstone House, Broad Street, or The Marchesi Centre, Holly Road, Windermere, commencing at 7:00pm.  Members of the public are encouraged to attend and are allowed to address the Council, at the start of the meeting, for a maximum of 5 minutes having given the Clerk to the Council prior notice.

The Council consists of 20 members, representing the 4 Wards that make up the Parish of Windermere. Collectively, Councillors come up for re-election every 4 years, however should there be a vacancy in the interim, then new members may be co-opted onto the Council.

The Councillors sit on various committees, both within the Council and on external bodies. 

A list of sitting Councillors can be viewed by clicking here!

Please click on the underlined heading to go directly to the Windermere & Bowness Town Council's website.

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Mayor:  Councillor Christine Hallatsch

Deputy Mayor:  Councillor Sandra Lilley


Clerk to the Council


Contact:  Mrs Sally Parkyn

Telephone:  0747 6967581



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Minutes - 8th May 2024

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Minutes - 22nd May 2024

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