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Bowness to Windermere

Sculpture Trail


Welcome to the Windermere & Bowness Chamber of Trades Sculpture Trail page.  This project is initially being managed by the Chamber of Trade until such time as a Charity has been established. 

The photographs and sketches on this page are only suggestions.  The work has yet to be commissioned.


The Concept | Contact Details | Committee Members | Constitution 

Grant Funding | Media Coverage | Project Timeline

The Windermere and Bowness Chamber of Trade are developing an arts and culture project commissioning 16 animal sculptures, indigenous to the Lake District, from local artists. The pieces are to be made of materials which will allow minimal maintenance and be durable enough to weather the elements for at least 50 years. They are to be located at carefully preselected sites between Bowness and Windermere with the aim of improving connectivity between the two villages.  The sculpture trail will be accompanied with a booklet available from the Tourist Information Centre in either Bowness or Windermere depending on the starting point and local venues along the route that are financially supporting the project.  Each sculpture will have a wall or post mounted plaque with information about: the animal and its habitat; the artist and their work; an embossed badge to be ‘brass rubbed’ in the booklet as proof of finding the sculpture and an easy question about the animal sculpture for the younger children to answer.

The walk is aimed at both families and foreign tourists who relish taking photos and collecting memories.  Additional interest will come from local schools and social societies.

The brief for the sculptures is deliberately loose to allow the individual artists freedom to develop their ideas inspired by the locations themselves.  Our suggested theme is Animals local to the Lake District.  The locations offer a variety of scales and lend themselves to be crafted in a variety of materials.  The 16 pieces should be constructed and installed to last up to 50 years in situ; be vandal proof; be mined full of health and safety issues and secured with best intension to avoid theft of the art installation.

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Committee Members

Scott Keenan - Chair

Keenan Able

Photo to follow

Alex Kirby - Vice Chair

Oakhill Veterinary Practice

Adrian Faulkner: Secretary/Treasurer 

Butler Thompson Associates Ltd.

Barry Butler

Photo to follow


Alison Tordoff

Fidget Design


Photo to follow

Helen Lawrie


Contact Details:


Adrian G Faulkner
Description: 16_f_phone5- mobile 07711 241631
Description: 16_f_phone5 - land 01539 448527

Postal Address


2 Thwaites Howe

116 Craig Walk



LA23 3AX


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The Sculpture Trail's constitution is in pdf format and is being used as the governing document for both grant applications and charitable status.

Grant Funding

Grants are being applied for from:

Arts Council Lottery Funding
Heritage Lottery Funding

There is also a CrowdFunding page at

Project Timeline - in Excel format

The attached file is the current proposed timeline for the project.  It is open to alteration as the project progresses.

Media Coverage

The attached article appeared in the Westmorland Gazette on the 14th February 2019.

The Sculpture Trail has its own Facebook page at @sculpturetrail.  This will need to be copied and pasted into your favourite search engine. 

Please leave your support to this project on this page.



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