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Survey Results

Welcome to the Windermere & Bowness Chamber of Trades Survey Results page. 

The Chamber of Trade periodically conducts surveys of its members and the business community on local issues.  Below are the results as taken from SurveyMonkey.

The Windermere & Bowness Chamber of Trade can not be held responsible for the answers given.




This survey was carried out in May 2014 and targeted all the Chamber of Trade's membership.






1 Are you a member of the Chamber? Yes - 100%
2 Have you considered joining the Chamber? Yes - 100%
3 Why are you not a member of the Chamber? Please indicate all that apply. The meetings are held at the wrong time.

The format of the Chamber is wrong.

Does not provide the right benefits for my business.

4 What changes would need to be made for you to become a member?

Enable more people to be included.

Would like to see the Chamber engage more with the organisations around it then it would like to influence.

5 What topics would be of benefit to you and your business?

Networking meeting future business.

Local business related issues.

Significant issues impacting the business community. Chamber of Trade is not the Town Council and it should stick to matters relevant to businesses - e.g. parking charges etc.

Information on what is happening in Windermere and Bowness that will effect businesses.

Employment Law, Health & Safety, Medical Emergency, Public Notifications, Police Communications, Tax & VAT & Pension.

Updates on employment law and general business matters.

Many of the topics on the table already today, I see the chamber as informative and I do not have specific new initiatives to raise at this juncture.

News of what's happening in the area. Details of upcoming legislation and govt paperwork Success stories from other traders Tips and alerts from police & trading standards.

6 When and where would you prefer the meetings to take place? Windermere either 5.00 to 6.30.

2nd Wed in month 7pm Windermere or Bowness.

Same time as currently but for no more than 90 minutes. I am not sure that I've ever stayed to the end of any meeting as they are simply too long. You should make more use of subgroups to discuss matters in more detail.

Earlier would suit me.

Happy as Now.

Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday evenings 5.30 to 7.00 or mornings 7.30 to 9.00.

Monday/Tuesday evening is fine.

7 Do you attend Chamber meetings? Do you attend regularly?

                       67% - Yes

                       33% - No

Only when there is a topic of interest:

                       40% Yes
                       40% No
                       20% N/A

I find the length of the meetings and the agenda somewhat tiresome.

Long way to travel home last at night.

No opportunity.

Other commitments.

8 How would you improve matters? Include more people's views and problems.

More shorter meetings. Shorter information by email Emails less cluttered.

The Chamber needs a refresh. I would specify a maximum term for Officers to prevent the Chamber becoming too "stale" and ensure new blood with new ideas comes in.

Meeting to cover important issues not procedure.

Younger generation input, changing venues, perhaps at some members work place of interest? thus giving the opportunity to show off!

Send minutes of consultation meetings etc out following those meetings some matters could be discussed on emails.

More speakers.

9 Would you like to see the Chamber use “Linkedin” or other social media?                       56% - Yes
                      44% - No
10 Which of the following best describes you and your business? 30 - 50: 23%
50 - 65: 67%

Owner of Business - 89%
Manager of Business - 11%


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