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Lakes Line Community Rail Partnership

Welcome to the Windermere & Bowness Chamber of Trade's Lakes Line Community Rail Partnership page.

At a monthly meeting towards the latter part of 2015, the Windermere & Bowness Chamber of Trade decided to apply for membership of the Lakes Line Community Rail Partnership in order to have a voice on behalf of its members on this important 'tourism' group.  Currently the Secretary is the Chamber's representative.


24 April 2016 - via email.

There will be no trains at weekends for 6 weekends in a row, starting this weekend. Network Rail is doing major work at Oxenholme re-aligning various sets of points and crossovers, and making a new entrance to platform 3, the Windermere branch platform. They are also installing masts for electrification to the Windermere end of platform 3, and getting the wires up there too. In addition they are updating the signalling, one result of which will be that it is easier to terminate a train at Oxenholme and return it south. We hope this will mean that, when there is work going on between Oxenholme and Carlisle, passengers will at least be able to travel to Oxenholme by train before being forced to take a bus. This is all preparation for the eventual wiring of the branch, though over the next few years it will stop at the end of platform 3, so we shall not have electric trains running to Windermere yet. I went up yesterday to take some photos, and one of the engineers told me the branch wiring is set for 2019. The attached photo shows one of the new crossovers part-installed.

It should be noted that both the CRP and User Group have explained often to the train operators and Network Rail that it makes no sense to market the Lake District as a holiday-by-rail destination, then stop the trains over summer weekends and at bank holidays. The reply is always that fewer people are inconvenienced by the current policy than if the closed the lines during the week

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